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On March 17, 1978, a group of rowdy young men stood in front of a dart board in the Hazleton Knights of Columbus' bar area and sang songs of their idols, the Clancy Brothers & the Wolfetones. Those in attendance, listening to the future "Irish Lads", were polite, yet confused, as the tunes were not the "Irish Music" they were accustomed to. The performers sang eight songs, retreated to the kitchen to practice, returned to do the same eight songs, and repeated this routine one more time. At closing time, it was determined that a good time was had by all. The guys felt that they had been successful in what they thought was their one & only performance because because at least some folks got to hear "real" Irish music. The big surprise came the next day when they were invited by the late Jack Breslin to play at an Elk's event in town. They did so, the phone kept ringing, and soon after, the late Jack McIntyre, of the Hazleton Friendly Sons of St. Patrick, when submitting an article to the local newspaper, named the group (due to lack of alternatives, or imput) "The Irish Lads". The group's name, "The Irish Lads" stuck, together now for 42 happy years. During their four plus decades the "Irish Lads" have produced five albums of songs and a video recording. The dart board at the "Knights" is gone, but, thank Patrick, the "Irish Lads" are still here too. Current members Tommy Boyle (guitar, keyboard & vocals) and Mike Dolon (button box accordion, bodhran, tin whistle, vocals) are original members and current Lassie, Gwen Boyle (vocals, kazoo & tambourine) has been assisting the band with her beautiful voice since 1997 and recently became a full time member. Other valuable members/friends have included Neil Casey and the late Eddie Corcoran (1978-1984) Roger Redmond (1995-2001) and Rich Fedoriska (1982-2015). The trio has earned the reputation of being energetic performers dedicated to the preservation of Irish culture and history through Ireland's folk and nationalistic music. They have created a unique style and stage presence that combine the very best characteristics of many folk & solo performers. The "Irish Lads" have been fortunate enough to share the stage with countless performers including The Clancy Brothers, Tommy Makem, Danny Doyle, The Whole Shabang, The Celtic Folk, Danny O'Flaherty, the late Andy Stewart, Black 47, Jimmy Sturr, Andy Cooney, Brother, Seven Nations, Seamus Kennedy, Jed Marrum, Constant Billly and the legendary Dubliners, to name a few. The Lads, in January 2005, were featured entertainment on Carnival's largest ship, "The Conquest". The ship sailed out of New Orleans for a week in the Western Caribbean. Other entertainers included Danny O'Flaherty, Danny Doyle, Andy Stewart, and Aoife Clancy and in June of 2007 they joined Danny O'Flaherty and The Dady Brothers performing upon the Carnival "Victory" sailing from New York City to St. Johns, New Brunswick and Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Tommy, Mike, and Gwen also joined Danny O'Flaherty, as well as Bill Danoff, Noel Nash, and Geoff Kaufmann  in 2013 on a Caribbean Cruise that sailed out of New Orleans.  2015 brought yet another cruise, sailing from New Orleans, to the Western Caribbean!  Midwestirishradio.com, broadcasting out of Ireland, now plays Irish Lads' songs on a regular basis thus sending their music around the world!  Many of their tunes can also be heard on Reverbnation.com  In  1978, 42 years ago,  the "Lads" agreed that when their efforts were no longer "fun", the group would disband. Apparently, the fun is still there, as is a group that is extremely proud of their Irish heritage and the music they perform. 


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